Art-Sea industrial co. ltd. is a connector manufacturer that was established in 1994. Since we started our connector business, with our outstanding service and excellent production performance we used to get great credit from our customers, not only locally but all countries over the world. Our factory is located in China with area 100000msq and around 200 production line staff and 10 technical staff such as engineers, inspectors, machine technicians…etc. We are keeping a moderate scale of production facility so that we can provide very flexible services according to any special customer requests. For those sudden changing orders, schedules…etc. and we can accept any small amount orders. That may not be achievable from those  conventional brand names.

We can provide a very wide range of connectors such as header and footer, pitch size from 1.2mm to 7.6mm, housing, terminal blocks of different positions. Applications include SMT machines, ATM, automobiles…etc.

For any enquiry please feel free to contact us at [email protected]